I guess it would come as no surprise that our brand is influenced by music. As you can tell from the background of this blog, punk/hardcore music is a big part of this brand. In particular hardcore music is what made this brand possible. I can say with no lie, Only Ones would not be around today if it were not for the positive inspirational words of hardcore bands like Bane, Have Heart, Gorilla Biscuits and more.

It's funny because just as Only Ones is coming up in the game of t-shirt dealings, as I talk about our inspiration from hardcore, brands that we look up to, Flying Coffin, TheHundreds and Johnny Cupcakes, have just released their collabs based off of hardcore subculture. I guess this comes as no surprise. The brands that I love, in some ways, are inspired by the same things I am.

There's something undeniably AMAZINGLY inspiring about the words screamed at the top of kids lungs at a hardcore show. There's been times when I felt like I wanted to quit, those days will come again too, but hardcore music has been there and will be there.

I listen to a lot of stuff though, and sporadically will post videos of songs on the blog for your enjoyment, or your dissatisfaction. The choice is yours in the end, I'm not here to please everyone. I am, however, here to please those kids that see something in our brand that I've seen in the brands that inspired me. THIS IS REALLY ALL FOR YOU...

(Please ignore the lack of "videoness" in the below "video", song is beautiful though)

(the one below is from one of the best punk band you probably never heard of, LEATHERFACE)