I can't really say I follow a lot of streetwear brands. Not a lot impresses me honestly. That's not to say what I like is the "right" thing to like or that all else is not worthy of even looking at. It's just that a lot of streetwear brands seem to follow the same formulas and what not. This might not be a bad thing when it comes to business, because it means you are giving the streetwear community something that they seem to want.

I've always been attracted to brands, or any artist for that matter, that do what they want and stand behind it. Flying Coffin just posted up some pictures of their summer line over at FLYINGCOFFIN.COM. Jason Gomez consistently provides crazy sick graphics unlike anything I see in other brands out there. It's refreshing to see something with so much uniqueness and attitude. It's safe to say I can always find something I really like in any of their collections.