It's safe to say that Adam Sandler is more known for his comedic films rather than those which are more serious or "mature". I've noticed that he seems to be gravitating more towards films that have a serious tone. I think Funny People is the third film of his, that I can remember, which has this serious undertone. The other two films being Click and Punch-Drunk Love.

I don't know how people will react to this film. I think people may not like its length, multiple story lines and the simple fact that many might find a lack of over the top comedy they might expect from Adam Sandler. That's not to say that Funny People isn't funny but it's also a serious drama at times and I feel people maybe won't expect that or welcome it.

That being said, I thought the movie was good. There are some really genuine moments in this film that really stand out. You really feel, or at least I did, for Sandler's character, George. In a way George is much like Sandler in that he is a famous comedic actor with many films under his belt. Maybe the fact that its hard to separate Sandler from his character makes it feel that much more real.

There's one scene in which George hears a tune from Warren Zevon, entitled "Keep Me In Your Heart". Zevon, much like George, knew he was going to die. He wrote this song as a goodbye. Something about this scene stands out to me.

Funny People to me is about people who are searching for something or someone to make them happy. Sandler's character has the longest, probably hardest, road to that happiness. In the end it is probably his journey which results in biggest personal discovery.

I think the title of the film has two meanings, the most obvious being that the film focuses on a comedian and aspiring comedians. The underlying meaning I think is that people are funny in their behavior. We do weird things to each other when we mean to do the opposite. We try our best to get things or to go places in life. In the end what we wanted was often there all along, and where we wanted to go was right where we were.

...oh and RZA is in the movie and that just rocks.