There's a lot of bands out there and I guess I have a lot of favorites that I've followed through the years. I guess we all do. Some bands are different though, they hold a different spot in my heart. These bands in one way or another changed how I perceive the world and how I choose to act in it. The lyrics somehow make perfect sense, they're the words you couldn't seem to find but always felt. Have Heart is one of those bands for me.

On October 17th, in Boston, Mass., Have Heart will play their last show ever. I can't think of many other bands I would travel to see but I'll be there to see them one last time. I never saw a singer give so much of himself on stage, its so personal and special and so worth one last time.

If you don't know this band, or do and never gave em a good listen, try em out. Their debut album, "The Things We Carry" is some of the most powerful stuff I've heard in a long while. Those songs are like chicken soup for my soul.

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