My mom always said there's an easy way and there's a hard way to do things.

Ok, actually she never said that, she used to just tell me to get it done like a week before it was due. Still trying to get that part down. Anyway, doing anything is a learning process. Although our first t-shirts may seem fairly straight forward and simple in their design, it wasn't always easy. I never had the right tools to get it done the "easy" way. I would draw something scan it in and tediously straighten lines and handrawn fonts. It's easy to have the joy taken out of your work when you meticulously clean it up for a grueling week...or heck, even longer.


This thing is making my life so much easier, and gonna make your life better cause I can pump out more great designs faster! And if you hate Only Ones this just means you can maybe have more stuff to hate and scoff at. Either way, I think we are all winning here.

If you're serious about drawing professionally, or even just serious about the hobby of drawing, I highly recommend getting a tablet for yourself. A drawing tablet allows you to draw directly on the computer with ease and this tablet has/does it all. It has programmable keys, a scroll wheel for all sorts of things, for example, zoom in and out of your document, and comes with a great mouse too. I really haven't even used its full capabilities yet and still it's been so worth it.

I'll stop nerding out for now. Till next time...

Oh yea, almost forgot! If you wanna take your drawings on the go and work on stuff at any given time and place, 1000 duckets can get you the Cintiq. Check out this bad ass piece of machinery...

...and no, I was not paid to say any of this.