I'm spending time trying to get our new product up as soon as possible. It's all coming together...I guess I really wanted this upcoming collection to come out this past summer but now that I look at the pieces there is more of a fall vibe going on.

Speaking of seasons, I don't think we're going to limit ourselves to releasing by seasons, or call releases by the season we put em out. Of course I want at least a new batch of tees every season but I wanna hit you guys with new stuff whenever I can. I'm really proud of this new collection we got coming, it really shows our evolution as a brand.

Anyway, I also wanted to say that as much as Only Ones is mainly about making cool products, we are also working on creating cool events for everyone to enjoy. Right now we're planning on doing monthly punk/hardcore/metal shows, these will also double as pop up shops in a way since we'll have shirts there at discounted prices. So if you see something you like now or when the new stuff drops it might be worth it to come down to an "Only Ones Presents" show and pick up a discounted shirt and save on shipping as well. These shows are mainly going to be free admission so it's really a win/win. We're thinking big and have some exciting ideas in the works, so STAY TUNED.