Not many people ever really ask me what "Only Ones Need Apply" means. I find this kind of surprising considering that those four words alone in a phrase have rarely, if ever, been used together. Potential jobs often ask "only ___ need apply" but you won't often hear the words "Only Ones Need Apply", unless you are talking about this brand. So what does it mean?


I think a great slogan is one that makes you think, something that isn't easily understood right away. A benefit of this is that people will remember it, even if they don't want/try to. When I came up with the slogan I didn't have intentions to think of some weird mismatched group of words to confuse people into remembering our brand. I'm not that smart and I'm not some business or branding wizard. However, I knew when I was coming up with our brand name that I wanted it to be something plural. I felt people could more easily feel like a part of the whole if the brand name was plural. Only Ones can have a few different meanings but, for me, the main one is about being an individual. Often times we find ourselves looking for approval from others and sacrificing our own personalities and differences for the sake of social obligations or anxieties. The definition of One is Being a single entity, unit, object, or living being. Only Ones really means Only "individuals", it means that nobody on this planet will ever be you, so why would you sacrifice that for anyone or anything?

Going back to our slogan, I guess the idea came about from all those jobs that ask for "Only _____ need apply", to let people know who they are specifically looking for. Jonathan and I have been friends since fifth grade, now we are college graduates. We've held many a job and many of them were working for minimum wage. We started this brand in the hopes that, after all the years working for other people, maybe one day we could work for ourselves and do something positive in the process.

Jon and I used to sit outside his house, when we were in fifth or sixth grade, and talk about the things we wanted to do in life. They were all things that involved us being ourselves and making a career out of it. For this brand we made, for this newest "job", Only Ones Need Apply here. We don't have to pretend to be anyone we aren't and neither do you. This is a brand made up of two kid's that grew up together, we thought for ourselves and acted like stupid fools and had fun doing it. It's a brand for the kids, by two kids. This brand is a result of that individual nature and also the underground subculture that birthed it. It's about that music that NOT EVERYONE is listening to, those movies NOT EVERYONE is watching, and mainly the lives we choose to live that NOT EVERYONE is living. It's your own life and it's NOT FOR ANYONE but yourself to decide. That's the philosophy behind the brand, whether you follow us or not, we celebrate the fact that we can all make decisions and that's a beautiful thing.