I have the distinct pleasure of listening to Christmas music all day at work, every day I work, till Christmas day. This really isn't a pleasure at all, it's like falling down a well and you scream for help trying to get out but you know you can't and nothing is gonna save you and in the well all you here is the same damn fucking Christmas songs over and over, some of them even covered by multiple artists and yes you hear it ALL! I know that was a run on sentence, but you know what? I DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK! I'm that mad.

I think there must be this unwritten rule that Christmas music has to suck caribous dick. I mean tell me any good Christmas songs. I don't mean some that you can tolerate and live with. I'm talking a GOOD CHRISTMAS SONG...something that makes you say, "DAMN THAT WAS HOT FIRE!" I bet you there are none, that's because it's hard to write a great song about giving a gift to someone, or eating Christmas dinner with your family, OR SITTING IN FRONT OF A FUCKING FIREPLACE!

I really liked Christmas, I really did. I even used to put it at the top of my "All-Time Favorite Holidays" list. I can't say the same anymore, maybe it's because I barely believe in God, or because I realize its all just about buying things....No, that's not it! I can tolerate all that, I can put it all aside. It's the thirty-six hours of Christmas music a week that kills it for me. CALL ME A GRINCH!