I had an über good time at the Norma Jean/The Chariot/Horse the Band/Arsonists Get All the Girls show. Damn that was a mouth full of hardcore bands ; )

I had never seen The Chariot live before, they popped my cherry, and I have to say it was one of the best live performances I'd ever seen. I remember watching videos of At the Drive-In and thinking that they were insane. In my mind's eye there are images of the singer trying to eat his own fist and limbs flailing without any sense of rhythm or care. I thought that was intense, but when it comes to frenetic energy, The Chariot seems to make At the Drive-In pale in comparison.

For The Chariot, there is no concern for safety, guitars are thrown about like play things and the same goes for their own bodies. I went back stage and saw a guitar that they had been trying to repair. It laid on a couch, bruised and broken, held together by clamps and wood glue. The glue was probably purchased from a nearby Wal-Mart whose parking lot also doubles as their camping grounds many a night.

Some bands seem to just play music, others have something extremely important to say and they play like every single show is their last chance to say it. Some bands go on that stage every night and do battle, and witnessing it really feels like something special is happening for that moment. Ive been lucky to see some amazing bands made up of amazing people, and even more lucky to talk to them. Just by having a conversation with Josh, the singer of The Chariot, I can see that this band doesn't take a show or a CD sale for granted. I could go on and on and try to explain what makes it so damn interesting to watch them, but I'm certain my words will only fall short. In some ways, even this video will not fully represent being there and seeing it for yourself.

While its obvious im drooling over The Chariot , I have to say all the bands I saw that night were really great and brought something different to the stage. This particular Norma Jean song has been in my head everyday since the show, DIG IT!