Does anybody remember those "No Rules" shirts. There was some cartoon kid on them with white hair, which I always wondered why white hair? Maybe he wasn't even a kid, maybe he was just a really old dude. Like some old short 60 something that never grew up and dressed like the youth, hanging out at skate parks and dodging truancy police.

Anyway, I used to wear these all the time. These shirts, along with my JNCO's. All these clothes had cool cartoon graphics on em, guess it make sense I still dig really good cartoon illustration. There's something great about a graphic thats illustrated just right.

One day I was running late to computer class in middle school. The teacher took me to the back of the class to speak to me in private. He explained that lateness will not be acceptable and he noticed my "No Rules!" shirt. He reminded me that there are rules in school, no matter what my t-shirts might say. Bummer.