March 22, 2010

I think pomade is one of the best hair products out there. Everyone is all about gels, paste, mousse, hair spray nowadays. The stuff is trash. Pomade is the real McCoy. This is the €˜grease€™ where the term greasers came from. Your daddy used it and his daddy as well. How do you think you got here? Your old man ain€™t that smooth.. but his hair was. This stuff, once applied, takes a few washes to get entirely out. Some people think that€™s bad, nah kids, that€™s excellent if you€™re lazy like me. You apply it once and you€™re looking slick as the devil himself for a few days, despite showering your filth ridden body. The problem with pomade is that it is hard to come by, that€™s why places like Tomcat€™s are great because not only do you get a rad haircut but you also get the added bonus of finding some rare pomades. Here€™s a quick picture of my little pomade collection because let€™s face it, once you start using pomade, you€™ll want to learn the difference between them all, strength, weight, hold, shine, etc.
Starting with the blue container on the left, this is Sweet Georgia Brown, good hold, good smell and decent shine. Cost around $8 bucks and you can find this at Tomcat€™s last I was there. This one I believe is the in between, there€™s a stronger hold Sweet Georgia Brown, and a lighter one, depends on your liking.

American Crew pomade is the black container with the beige label and is probably the most expensive, being around $14. This stuff, while smelling great and excellent shine, never had enough strength and hold to my liking. Still, I spent $14 fucking bucks on it so its not going anywhere.

Next is Layrite, the second tallest, yellow container around $7. This actually does wash out very easy but that€™s because its a water based pomade made specifically to do that. Problem with Layrite is you need to apply a good amount to get a strong hold but it then starts to have that hard, crunchy feel that€™s common with gel. The best part of pomade is the free form your hair has while still doing what you want, depending on how much is applied results will vary, like with most pomades.

My go-to pomade recently has been Black & White. This shit is rare, you gotta go to UK€™s amazon site to get this stuff, well at least that€™s how it came into my possession. This is the stuff Elvis supposedly used and I now know why. Good smell and great hold while still being able to let your little lady run her hands through your hair and if you play your cards right, maybe run her hands elsewhere€¦ ha HA!

The orange container in the middle was my first introduction into this stuff. Murray€™s, is a staple in the world of pomade. Cheap, strong as bull and the most abundant. You can find this in any Rite-Aid, Duane Reade, Walgreen€™s, take your pick, all for about $3. You might have to look in the ethic section but don€™t be shy, we€™re all entitled to good hair, even white people. I guess as the hair market got flooded with the stuff we know now, the African American community was one of the few markets that still enjoyed the strong hold of pomades like Murray€™s so that€™s where it€™s found nowadays. (the stuff works incredibly well but is tough to get the hang of, tips on use of pomade later)

And I€™ll close it out with my old go-to pomade choices, American Greaser Supply Co. In the picture I have the light weight (kustom pomade) and medium weight (flat-top wax). Good shine also around $8 bucks each, the light weight is easy to apply but I wouldn€™t recommend using it if your hair is longer unless you like the messy look. If you do have longer hair, try the flat-top wax, stronger hold, and great smell. I€™d have to say American Greaser Supply Co. has my favorite scent of them all but that€™s just opinion.

Now, the slightly tricky part€¦
You might need one of these bad boys to get some of the stronger hold pomades soft enough to apply in those beautiful locks of yours. Murray€™s? Ever try to jam a finger into that cement mix? No dice. Warm it up for a minute or two with a hair dryer on full blast. Once it gets more manageable, scoop some with your fingers and throw it on. You€™ll thank me later.

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