Potential Horror Movie Locations... in Jamaica, Queens

March 31, 2010

Few weeks ago I walked around my neighborhood with a very specific purpose. There are a few of these landmarks in the heart of Jamaica right on Jamaica Ave., which is populated by McDonald€™s, Wendy€™s, Multiplexes, Duane Reades, cell phone providers and so on. This makes it quite shocking to see something with such presence like these historical landmarks. This one church that I pass by all the time really blew my mind in how awesomely creepy it looked. Not only did it look sinister but it had some of these incredibly old tombstones that reminded me of old horror movie cemeteries. I had to capture some of it with my camera. Below are only some of the photos taken that day€¦
This church screams horror movie backdrop with that big red door, tall dark trees and just general eeriness.
The address in case you wanted to peep this place for yourself. Bring a flashlight, your group of best-friends/mystery solvers and scooby snacks, you€™ll need €˜em.
Note the yellow sign and the man in the right of the photo scavenging for God knows what.
Now I€™m obviously not adhering to the sign either but I just wanted to show how ancient these tombstones look. I€™m surprised many of these are still standing, which leads me to the next photo€¦
The broken tombstones are just placed against the wall. If you look in the back, you can see a few of the tombstones are still in the ground but leaning over, ready to topple soon. Here€™s another photo...
These are some of the most decrepit graves in the cemetery. Almost all of these are unreadable, but I did happen to get information off of one of the graves.
I blurred out the name of the husband and wife but the dates are still visible. This woman died August 12th, 1872 at the age of 77. So if this is one of the only legible stones and it dates back to 1872, makes you wonder how old are some of the other ones.

I hope no one takes this post as disrespectful, I just wanted to post some photos of an interesting spot right off Jamaica Ave. that is an historical landmark, and on the subject of historical landmarks, here are a few photos of the Rufus King Manor which is right down the block from the Grace Church.
This house and the 11 acre area once belonged to King and served as his farm. Now it is reserved as a park and his house is a museum. The park is usually filled during the summer time with kids, people playing soccer, handball, etc. Check out this site for information on King and the museum/park:
This house gives off a spooky vibe, in my opinion. Go ahead, knock on the door, see if anyone is home.

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