Sight and Style

I happen to be visually challenged, meaning I can't see shit past a few feet in front of me. I've had horrible vision since I was young and it's definitely not cool, but it doesn't mean you can't make it look cool. Like most things, my cool tends to lean on the older school of thought and my glasses follow suit.


Big, bold and vintage, Moscot glasses appeal to me. That retro look will definitely turn a few heads, which is not a bad thing. Mediocrity is a killer, kids. Shake things up. Sometimes people make fun of my glasses, other times I get compliments but I always catch someone's eyes with these in front of mine. Just always do you and don't take shit from anyone who tells you different. You don't need to get Moscots but they have a cool variety of glasses, if you're unfortunate enough to need 'em.