Iconic Specs

I've posted an article already about my retro style eyeglasses but I would like to touch upon other iconic specs that everyone's quite familiar with. Pretty much everyone has seen Ray-Ban sunglasses, they are worn by countless amount of people, on the street, in movies, tv, ads, and so on. I've had my Wayfarers for a few years now but about 2-3 years ago it seemed EVERYONE hopped onto the Wayfarer bandwagon, which isn't bad per se, but I tend to shy away from the choices of the masses. So about two years ago I picked up what would be my sunglasses of choice for quite some time.


The Clubmasters are positioned in front of the Wayfarers, and have the gold accents. I love these browline glasses. While still being Ray-Ban's and holding a firm grasp on the past, it invokes that old school cool while separating them from the sea of Wayfarer wearers out there. Nothing wrong with the Wayfarers at all, still very cool and stylish, just over saturated in my mind. If you like 'em, by all means rock 'em. BUT maybe instead of going with those, look around and find something a little more unique. Mix it up.Tons of cool sunglasses out there and with summer time quickly approaching, I'd love to see some wild specs on people. Just a thought.