Health Care Hysteria

I always try to keep my posts light, funny and even though I do follow politics, I try not to write about them. With that said, I€™m going to just briefly talk about health care, which I think it€™s pretty absurd that the United States of America has finally passed a bill with the promise of providing its citizens with proper health care. Canada has it, United Kingdom has it, but the supposed best country in the world is just passing this now?

I am personally thrilled about it along with President Obama€™s work and I am also shocked when I hear some of the slander and lies spoken about it. Greater deficits, worse health care, etc. etc. Most of the people who vehemently bash the new health care bill have little to no understanding of it. Even if it did increase the deficit, which it won€™t, (it€™ll actually decrease the deficit by more than $100 billion in its first ten years and even more the following decade. Don€™t believe me? The Congressional Budget Office, a non-partisan, independent group, had this to say about the health care reform) and even if it did mean more deficit, so what? We all paid taxes that went to a war many of us didn€™t support, I€™d love if my taxes went to something as humanitarian as this.

I don€™t want to sway anyone into my opinion, I rather everyone develop them for themselves but I would like it if everyone did some research before talking out of their asses. Google stuff as simple as €œhealth care bill€ and please look at reputable sources. The ones below are obviously positive and in favor of health care reform but feel free to search for whatever you like, just become informed.


Here is a site that I found showing some of the benefits, broken down by year:

Also read this article posted around 3 years ago, comparing our health care to other systems:

This article specifies the benefits dependent on your state:

So in short, Fuck Yeah President Obama, keep doin€™ you.