I€™ve been a New York Mets fan since before I was born. When the Mets moved from the beloved but otherwise generally unremarkable stadium that was Shea, many fans were pissed. While I was excited to have a cool(er) baseball stadium in my own backyard, with the latest of accoutrements, I was not very pleased with the name. CitiField is just so€¦ corporate. Unfortunately, advertising is the way of the world nowadays and everyone€™s gotta make a buck one way or another. Aside from that one gripe, I am a big fan of the new ballpark. I€™ve been to CitiField several times since it first opened but last week I brought my camera and took some photos. My pictures don€™t do it justice but it really is a major step up from Shea. I hope fellow Mets fans won€™t feel these statements as a betrayal, just an opinion. Take a look at a few of the photos, see how you feel, or better yet, go see it in person. If you do, go to Shake Shack and order some grub.


The view from outside€¦


and the view from inside the Jackie Robinson Rotunda.


The best mascot in the history of baseball, Mr. Met. I wonder where he keeps that t-shirt cannon he€™s always firing off between innings.


If you're hungry and got some cash to burn, hit up the Shake Shack. You will not be disappointed.


This food was absolutely delicious. Two shack burgers, two vanilla shakes and one order of cheese fries came to $33.25. Pricey, but I'd be lying if I said i wouldn't do it again and again... and again.


All and all, it was a great day. I stuffed my face, took some photos and the Mets won. Not much more I could have asked for,


well, maybe more cheese fries.