Carry a Canteen

Canteen, stainless steel bottle, a SIGG, whatever your choice, but the benefits are tremendous. I€™ve been carrying around a stainless steel bottle filled with water for the past several months and not only have I saved probably hundreds of dollars in drinks (usually sugary bullshit that is in no way good for your health) but I€™ve also felt great due to properly hydrating my body on the regular. You€™d be amazed at the physical difference once you cut out drinking all the crap you are used to and substitute it for pure water. Weight loss is not a goal of mine but I€™ve lost probably 7-10 pounds just from drinking water instead of my usual diet of soda, iced tea and juice. While I still drink juice in the morning and have tea every few days (hot tea is excellent for you), I mostly just consume water.



This bottle cost me less than $6 dollars at a local Duane Reade. It€™s sturdy, stainless-steel (which is important, certain other containers can leak harmful chemicals into the contents of the bottle) has a large mouth to easily pour water into it like from a fountain and it holds well over 20oz.

I stress the importance of a few things with this, aside from purchasing a proper bottle that will not contaminate the water, you also have to clean it regularly which isn€™t very difficult but just something to remember. The benefits of carrying around a bottle are much greater than just the cost. This is also extremely environmentally friendly. Much less waste and plastic disposable bottles will be left un-recycled and sitting in landfills. Not only is that a major victory for the environment, but a lot of times, the bottled water is actually the same quality or of lower quality then your tap water at home. If you are concerned with your tap water quality, then just purchase a Brita or Pur filter system. After a few days or weeks, you€™ll have recouped your costs.