June 06, 2010

Most movies I see lately in mainstream movie houses are pretty fucking WEAK! But I can complain about them and maybe make an entertaining review about how horribly shitty they are. What am I to do though when I movie is so fucking bad that it's almost damn good. Watching MacGruber felt much like watching a train-wreck, and we all know you can't turn away from watching a horrible disaster.

MacGruber stars Will Forte, Ryan Phillippe, Kristen Wiig and a very bloated Val Kilmer. I really haven't seen Ryan Phillippe in anything at all recently but, you know, I guess this is just the one he had to do. I mean when a script like MacGruber drops on your doorstep and it calls for sticking celery up your asshole I guess it would take any self respecting actor out of hiatus.

Something about this movie, in some weird demented way, kinda blew me away. I felt like I was watching these actors' careers end right before my very eyes. It surprised me how when I thought the movie wouldn't get any dumber, it did, and then it topped that and then topped that and then again and again for approximately ninety minutes. That's kinda impressive.

There was one running joke in the film that literally made me laugh more than I have laughed in a theater in a long time. I won't say what it is but the joke has absolutely no point or relevance to the plot and I guess that makes it even funnier. It slowly escalates to such a childlike "poo poo ca ca" kindergarten humor that I simply could not believe I was watching it on screen. Often times I found myself wondering if I was laughing at the film or with the film. But hey, how can I diss it if it made me explode with a hearty laugh?

I saw the film with my buddy Kerin (he writes on this blog too as "Black Hearts Social Club") and our girlfriends. He was laughing just as much as I was and during the movie I asked him if he was enjoying it. He said something along the lines of "It's just so bad." while continuing to laugh.

So if a movie is so bad that it makes you laugh and you are surprised by the sheer stupidity of its jokes and how far they go, is it really a bad movie? Tomorrow I might say yea, heck maybe even in an hour I'll say this movie is horrible but right now I'm gonna go with no, it's not a bad movie. It's pretty damn fucking funny.

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December 11, 2017

One of the best things I've seen in a long time.

Happiness from Steve Cutts on Vimeo.

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The Beginning: Making Episode 1
The Beginning: Making Episode 1

January 09, 2016

It's not a secret that Star Wars Episode 1 is not only a horrible Star Wars movie, it's just a horrible movie in general. Sitting through it is a task, it's so dense and filled with boring political plot points, bad acting and computer graphics. It feels more like an ILM portfolio showcasing CG techniques rather than a film.

I can remember as a kid watching it for the first time and leaving the theater confused. I thought maybe I wasn't watching as careful as I should have been? I dunno what it was but I felt like I missed something because, its Star Wars, isn't it supposed to be good? I thought, "Did I just black out for most of that movie? Was I daydreaming the whole time?" I begged my parents to take me again, so I could see what I surely missed but they wouldn't take me. I had to wait for it to come out on video when I finally realized that it wasn't just me, this shit really does just suck.

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Cromags' John Joseph

December 05, 2015

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