Brooklyn Brewery

If you have a Saturday afternoon available, stumble over to the Brooklyn Brewery, located on 79 North 11th Street in, you guessed it, Brooklyn. Saturday afternoon they have tours every hour starting from 1 PM until 5 as well as running a bar with some of their finest beers on tap. Picnic tables and benches fill the inside drinking area so groups of friends and family can sit down, play some cards, shoot the shit, drink and be merry. Not only are the beers delicious but they€™re relatively cheap. For $20 bucks you get six tokens, with each token being good for one beer. That€™s less than $4 a beer for those mathematically challenged out there, but don€™t forget to tip your bartenders. I had a great time, took a million pictures of my friends constructing a beeramid (beer + pyramid. I love portmanteaus), families hanging out with their kids and €˜Monster€™. Here is a quick peek at what awaits you on Brewers Row.



These are the latest choices at the bar and I can personally attest to them all being delicious. Then again, find out for yourself.


Not only does the Brooklyn Brewery uses biodegradable cups, they€™re 100% powered by wind electricity.

And last but certainty not least€¦


is €˜Monster€™. While the cat€™s name is Monster (it€™s on the name tag, promise) this cat is anything but that. Sweeter than Brooklyn Brewery Summer Ale, Monster usually hangs around the Brewery Gift Shop which has cool t-shirts, track jackets and the all important beer tokens. Monster loves company, show some love next weekend.