Inception wasn't a bad movie, it just kinda felt like a good piece of gum that you chew and chew until the flavor is no more. And then, after the flavor is gone, for some reason you just keep chewing and chewing till your jaw is tired and the gum just sort of loses its consistency and is chew-able no more.

Inception is a movie about people who get into your numbskull and enter your dreams. They change your mind through your dreams. They are basically Mind Fuckers. The Mind Fuckers have to change this one little rich boys mind and if they do it Leo DiCaprio gets to go home to his little faceless children.

Don't get me wrong, as I said before the movie isn't bad. I think maybe if it were shorter and less convoluted I'd like it. I get it, you want the audience to feel confused at times and present an alternative view on reality. That's fine, but there comes a point where it just gets killed. At some point it just gets to be too much and I'm waiting for the ride to end.

A few years ago a movie came out that revolutionized action cinematography. It too presented a world that defied what we think of as reality. I think a few of you have seen the movie, it was called The Matrix. The thing about The Matrix versus films like Inception is that it didn't kill its clever twist on reality. The film didn't lose sight of the people watching it, it didn't allow them to get confused, lost, or just plain lose interest. Nearly the same length as Inception, I never felt bored while watching The Matrix.

Near the end of the movie, when I should have been excited and thrilled to see what happens, I was waiting for the house lights to come up. The movie is made to be so deeply convoluted and confusing that I couldn't get emotionally invested in it. It seemed to be more concerned with visuals rather than anything else. Another "screen saver" movie, a two hour and a half hour screen saver for your Mac or PC coming to Blu-ray and DVD soon.