Some bands claim to be eclectic and I guess any band can try to pull off different musical stylings and call themselves "eclectic". I think maybe the meaning behind eclectic became an artist that doesn't do anything right so they just try it all. So yea, there's a lot of eclectic bands out there. It's kinda like throwing shit against the wall and whatever sticks, sticks. Ween is a band that can not only switch it up but they can do it right too. The Mollusk is an album that rocks my fucking socks.

I don't claim to be a huge Ween fan, I really only have fully listened to The Mollusk but that album alone is worth listening to. Some songs on this album really feel Beatles-esque to me, similar to Yellow Submarine or Octopus's Garden. Gene and Dean Ween create this really imaginative album, the whole thing really sounds and feels like it's underwater. I think I need to smoke a J, put this on, stick in the ear buds and walk through an aquarium. Whoa man...trippy! It really comes as no surprise that Ocean Man, one of my favorite tracks off the album, is featured in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.

So get some headphones, close your eyes and push play. This is one of those records where the whole thing is good, every song, from start to finish. What a crazy concept.

Ween-Ocean Man

Ween-It's Gonna Be (Alright)

Ween-Waving My Dick In The Wind

Ween-Cold Blows the Wind