College Green Pub

The time of school is fast approaching and I want to give the heads up to any other Queens College students looking for something to do between class. Being a graduate of Queens College, I feel its my civic duty to inform the youngin€™s of what they could potentially be doing aside from the normal Dunkin Donuts, school cafeteria crap. The answer is College Green Pub. This place is the diviest of dive bars. Watering hole is an understatement and €˜old man bar€™ fits the bill. But like any bar, it does have some (one) redeeming qualities. Aside from being a hop, skip and jump from Queens College, I want you to closely look at the sign on the banner shown below.


I know that motorcycle draws your attention but nevermind that, focus on the banner. If you can€™t read the sign, I€™ll give you the gist of it. $2.00 Chicken Sandwiches, Italian cold cut sandwiches, or 1/4 lb. burger. $1.00 waffle fries (my favorite) or onion rings. And the icing on top, $5.00 pitcher of Rolling Rock. I can not tell you how many times I€™ve knocked down a couple pitchers and some waffle fries and returned to my later afternoon class, only to return later as my post-class reward. It€™s from 12-7 and you need your Queens College ID. When you consider the other options in the area, the grass does look greener at College Green Pub. Get your learn on then get hammered or vice versa, I always mixed it up.