The Black Keys, Please


I have no idea why it€™s taken me so long to finally write about this album. It is arguably THE best Black Keys album to date. I€™ve owned the record since it came out in May and have been listening to it practically non-stop this entire summer. I actually purchased the album, that is how much faith I have in this band and the delivery was perfectly executed. This album (along with The Drums and Surfer Blood records) have commandeered my computer speakers, iPhone, boombox, car stereo, gramaphone€¦ you get the point. The vibe is still that great old blues rock style with that extra something, that feel, that grit that I cannot put my finger on. You feel the highs and lows, it€™ll make your head bob, your fingers snap and your feet tap. I want to say more but Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney do a much better job of expressing the emotion that comes with this album which I could never achieve with my crappy blogging. Bottom line, get this shit yesterday.