Paul McCartney Really Is Dead: The Last Testament of George Harrison

September 15, 2010

A good conspiracy theory or myth can be really entertaining. I'm sure you've heard your share. Stuff like...Tupac or Hitler being alive. Maybe you heard the one about that dude hanging himself in the background of Wizard of Oz or the ghost in Three Men and a Baby (which is the last movie I would want to be in if I was a ghost). There's so many myths and so little time. Joel Gilbert directed a documentary called Paul McCartney Really Is Dead: The Last Testament of George Harrison which is guessed it...Paul McCartney being dead.

Me and my girlfriend wanted to watch a movie last night, so I turn on the PS3 and found this movie available for rent, of course I couldn't resist. The film is supposedly based on tapes that were delivered to the director which were recorded by George Harrison. The tapes were a confession to the lie The Beatles have been hiding for over 40 years or so, in fact the tapes of Harrison's confession narrate the film. The dude is not Harrison and, although I'm no expert, it sounds nothing like him. Basically Paul McCartney dies in a horrible car crash and the British government forces The Beatles to cover it up because they believe the news of his death would cause mass suicides. So how do they continue without Paul McCartney? They hold a McCartney look-alike contest in which a William Campbell wins and in turn becomes Paul McCartney, with the help of some plastic surgery of course! Real believable, right?!


The whole career of the Beatles that follows McCartney's death is hell bent on sending clues to the public through their music and album covers. They can't tell people about the lie because a weird dude named Maxwell from the British intelligence agency MI5 would kill em off. So with the help of a false Paul (dubbed Faul) they continue on.

I don't know who came up with this crazy shit but I can tell you one thing, they had a lot of free time on their hands. The film goes into detail about clues in every album after McCartney's supposed death, starting with Rubber Soul and on. The film picks out lyrics that have reference to McCartney's death and album covers are are picked apart as well for visual clues. It's funny and slightly entertaining at first but after a while it just gets a bit absurd. I found myself falling in and out of sleep awakening to new "clues" in some random Beatles album. Play this backwards and hear some shit about McCartney's death. Look at the album cover with a mirror to uncover a code only a pot head would decipher to mean Paul is dead. For example, look at Paul McCartney's feet on the cover of the Abbey Road album shown below. Yea, he's walking around with no shoes on. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!? IT MEANS THAT MOTHER FUCKER'S DEAD!


I really don't believe this stuff but I guess maybe some people do. It definitely showed me how almost anything can be twisted and morphed to take on new meaning. I remember watching Scorsese's Cape Fear in film class and after watching it the teacher asked us what we though about it. This one jackass (there's one in every film class) raised his hand and said "This film is clearly a commentary on the Civil War." I guess that's what makes art so great. You can take whatever you want from it. You can enjoy The Beatles at face value or you can gather all their albums together and create a sick morbid fantasy of your own. The possibility is really endless. I can safely say I will never look at the Beatles the same. It didn't drastically change my view of them, but in the back of my head I'm gonna be wondering about that dude Paul, or "Faul", whichever you want to believe.

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