A few months ago, a good friend of mine told me that Mother Teresa started to doubt the existence of God before she died.  I was instantly intrigued by this story because of what a huge religious figure she is, and also because of my own personal thoughts on God.  How could Mother Teresa, a woman who devoted her entire life to God, suddenly lose her faith?

I often find myself questioning the existence of God, as I'm sure most do but I think some people feel guilty for admitting it.  Even in this day and age there still seems to be some taboo over being an atheist or raising questions about God.  Often times the people that don't believe in God are seen as some sort of metal head, head banging, devil worshiping freaks.  I have no idea why people would think someone who doesn't believe in God would still believe in the Devil, that seems a bit silly.

Anyway, I have to admit when my friend told me about Mother Teresa's loss of faith some sick twisted form of smile came to my face.  It wasn't because I was happy someone lost faith in something they devoted their whole lives to, I'm not that sick.  It was because of the amazing person she was and that even she questioned the existence of a God, much like I have.  If not believing in God is a sin then would Mother Teresa, a woman who devoted her life to helping others, be considered a sinner?

The idea of the Mama T and The Atheists shirt is kinda like those "What if..." comics, but replace the superheroes with religious figures.  What if Mother Teresa lived a bit longer and started a death metal band based on her lack of faith in God?  Of course, that band would need merch, right?!  I thought if those that question the existence of God are painted in a certain light, why not paint Mother Teresa in the same.  In putting the stereotype on her it seems absurd when you consider the person she was and that's the point.

This shirt isn't meant to be a mockery of Mother Teresa, instead I see it as a tribute in a way.  She is probably the best example of a person who had her doubts about God but still acted in a completely altruistic way.  Maybe the point in being a good person and doing the right thing should have nothing to do with a God watching over us or a ticket into heaven.  Maybe we should do the right thing because it's the right thing and not for some reward.

There's nothing wrong with questioning the world presented to us, there's actually a lot right with it.