Black Swan is about a girl who never masturbated.  This reminds me of my friend Charlie, he's a 27 year old male who has never masturbated a day in his life.  Some say he's probably just ashamed to say that he does it.  Those people don't really know Charlie because if you know Charlie you wouldn't doubt it for a second.  But I digress.  And yea, I'm joking, Black Swan is about a lot more than not masturbating.

Natalie Portman plays the role of Nina who is vying for the lead role in her theater companies latest ballet, a new rendition of the classic Swan Lake.  In this role Nina must play as both the white swan, who is innocent and fragile, and also the black swan, who is seductive, evil and not afraid to finger fuck herself on a lonely night.  Nina embodies all aspects of the white swan, while the new girl, Lily played by Mila Kunis, embodies all aspects of the black swan.  Lily provides competition for Nina and also becomes an object of desire.

Nina lives a sheltered life and finds it hard to truly channel the essence of the black swan.  Her teacher tries to bring it out in her through various clever ways, such as getting her to make out with him, touching her in "no no areas" and suggesting she go home and whack off.  Pretty much the advice any good teacher would give.

It seems as though her overbearing mother is partly to blame for how Nina is.  Nina's whole life is dedicated to ballet and striving for perfection in it.  This yearning for perfection is probably to make her sick, disturbing, monster of a mother happy.  Nina's mother is extremely overprotective of her daughter.  She is constantly in her life, watching her and caring for her.  It seems every time Nina was home her mother was asking her how she was doing, or what she was doing, never giving her any privacy or independence.  When Nina finally tries to give into carnal pleasures and "butter her biscuit" to her surprise, and ours, she finds her mom in the room!  I mean, shit woman, you gotta cut the cord and let yo child live!

Anyway, the irony here is that the ballet Nina is preparing for ends up becoming her reality.  She slowly unravels from a gentle, fragile, innocent virgin like character into an evil, seductress, psychopathic, murderous bitch of a swan.  The story of Swan Lake is happening before our very eyes as she tries to prepare for the lead role in that very story.  When the metamorphosis is finally complete and she truly embodies the black swan it is pretty terrifying to see.  The whole film she is a meek creature and by the end of the film she turns into something quite different.

Portman's performance of Nina's transformation is what really shines here.  I can't say I'm the Nat Port expert or anything but, out of the films I've seen her in, this could be her finest work.  The same can be said for director Darren Aronofsky, Black Swan may prove to be his Magnum Opus.  It's a beauty to watch and to me feels almost like a Kubrick film at times, and that's something I won't ever complain about.