Ah, yes.  The Gods of Hollywood have bestowed yet another Focker movie upon us.  What a glorious day it is!  The streets are in a frenzy and the bells of every church tower toll for an hour straight in celebration.  It truly is a magical time.

For the third film in the Focker franchise, Greg Aka Gaylord and his wife Pam now have twins.  They are planning a birthday party for them and their parents are coming to town.  As you would expect, shit gets nutty!

I think this film, more than the previous Focker films, is having the most fun with itself.  It feels a little over the top at times but it works.  I mean how many movies are you gonna make about a father and son-in-law fighting without trying to top the previous one.  The whole point is to take it to the next level.

I'm pretty sure the next film will find Gaylord and DeNiro fighting on the moon in zero gravity.  The whole time they'll be  trying to figure out how they got there and how they're gonna create a space shuttle built from Moon rocks to get back home.

Or maybe the next film will find them as the last two remaining men on earth after nuclear war has seemingly wiped out the whole race.  Lucky for them they were having daiquiri's in Jack's fall out shelter below his house and when they came upstairs it truly was the end.  Hilarity ensues as they roam the earth looking for some vag to insert their semen into in hopes of continuing the human race.  Of course, once they find her it would be a battle of wits between family crests.  What family would live on, Byrnes or Focker?  The cockblockery would be one for the ages as they fight each other for the final piece of poon tang.

But I digress, Little Fockers is quite the entertaining film.  I'm surprised at all the negative reviews I've heard so far.  I think this may be attributed to how the film goes a bit over the top at times, even making fun of itself somewhat.  But isn't that the point of it?

Ya'll need to ease up and watch this movie for what is!  It really has got it all.  There's needles inserted into boners, knives cutting flesh which sprays blood over the dinner table, grown men fist fighting in a bouncy castle, and much, much more!

Maybe I'm the crazy one here but I'm gonna say this may very well be the best yet in the Focker film opus!  And I know I ain't the only one because the guy that sat behind me loved the movie so much he felt the need to repeat every punchline again and again...and sometimes again!  I felt like I was watching the film in some sort of comedy cave where only the punchline is echoed.  He also did one of those laughs that sound like a person choking or some shit.  I can't really explain it in the written word, alls I know is the sound made me wanna take a cheese grater to his eyes or just straight cut off his eyelids.

Anyway, all the familiar faces are back in this one and we even see some new ones, namely Harvey Keitel and Jessica Alba.  The guy sitting behind me really liked Jessica Alba, he moaned in delight when she came on screen.  I think his girlfriend found that quite charming.

I really don't know what else to say about this movie.  If you like the other films, I'm pretty sure you'd dig this one.  If you're a DeNiro fan, this is a must.  DeNiro alone is probably one of the main reasons we watches these movies anyway, right?