The Grime opened up their doors at 191 Henry Street on Wednesday night and they threw a party to celebrate.  You can find some of our latest shirts including our Grime collaboration shirt at the shop.  It felt pretty awesome to see this shop up and running, especially when I saw its very humble beginnings.  Believe me, the shop did not look anything like it does now when they first got it.  Lots of people put in work and it shows.  My good friend George came by with his handy dandy camera and took some video shots throughout the night.  I put together a quick edit but you have to actually go to the shop to see it.  There's WAY too many people in this video to fully see what the shop is like, it's definitely worth checking out.  We may have some pictures up on our Flickr soon too.

Welcome to Grime Street from Only Ones on Vimeo.