February 22, 2011

There's been so many super hero movies that have come out in recent years. They've gone through all the really popular characters and now it seems they are left with the B-rate ones. I guess sooner or later they'll be making movies about superheroes like Arm Fall Off Boy or Matter Eater Lad.  I really would like to star in the full length feature of Matter Eater Lad myself, that would be a real dream.  Anyway...

Luckily for us, we're still living in the days of semi-relevant superhero movies. Enter, Green Hornet. The story of a rich talentless dude with a bad-ass butler sidekick.  Now doesn't that sound like an awesome superhero character?!  It's no Arm Fall Off Boy or nothing but it's still pretty bad-ass.

I found the first half of this movie to be pretty good actually.  There's a lot of funny moments throughout and it's a real joy to watch the friendship of Kato and Britt Reid (Seth Rogen's character) grow. I found this to actually be the only really worth while aspect of the movie.  The chemistry between the two is really entertaining and kinda endearing actually.  In a way, they complete each other.  Although exact opposites they work perfectly because of it.

Britt Reid is a wealthy bumbling idiot who parties all night and lives off his dads money during the day.  Kato, his butler, on the other hand, is a downright fuckin genius.  The dude does it all, builds up cars that are impenetrable with Ben-Hur like spikes the shoot out from the rims and rockets that shoot out from the hood.  He's a great artist, an amazing fighter with lightening speed and he makes a damn good cup of coffee too!  I think I just wanted him as my butler/sidekick for the coffee alone.

He has all these talents but it's really Britt Reid that comes up with the idea to use the talents to fight evil.  Without Britt's naive, child-like nature, Kato's gadgets and talents would go unused and unnoticed.  When they succeed at their first night at crime fighting they go back to Britt's mansion and jump for joy in celebration.  It really is just so cute watching these two.

Then all of a sudden, something comes over the joy and fun that this movie once had, stabs it five times in the chest and then turns around and takes a huge fucking shit all over it.  The second half just turns into any other Hollywood action movie. Shit explodes, cars get destroyed and/or chopped in half, the parts of those cars fall on top of people ultimately chopping them in half too.  I mean don't get me wrong I guess it has to end with a huge action sequence and that's fine, I suppose.  I just wish we got more of Kato and Britt together.  They end up fighting, I guess about half way into the movie, and then after that it's not as fun.  They only reconcile at the end and I just wish they were together for the whole thing.

Green Hornet isn't great but it isn't bad. The friendship and comedy between Kato and Britt is worth the price of admission alone, in my opinion. An unknown actor named Jay Chou plays Kato and he definitely steals the show here.  I haven't read the reviews on this film but I reckon they aren't too good, although I wouldn't be surprised if others enjoyed Jay Chou's portrayal of Kato.  I don't think he's gonna be an unknown anymore.

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December 11, 2017

One of the best things I've seen in a long time.

Happiness from Steve Cutts on Vimeo.

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The Beginning: Making Episode 1
The Beginning: Making Episode 1

January 09, 2016

It's not a secret that Star Wars Episode 1 is not only a horrible Star Wars movie, it's just a horrible movie in general. Sitting through it is a task, it's so dense and filled with boring political plot points, bad acting and computer graphics. It feels more like an ILM portfolio showcasing CG techniques rather than a film.

I can remember as a kid watching it for the first time and leaving the theater confused. I thought maybe I wasn't watching as careful as I should have been? I dunno what it was but I felt like I missed something because, its Star Wars, isn't it supposed to be good? I thought, "Did I just black out for most of that movie? Was I daydreaming the whole time?" I begged my parents to take me again, so I could see what I surely missed but they wouldn't take me. I had to wait for it to come out on video when I finally realized that it wasn't just me, this shit really does just suck.

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Cromags' John Joseph

December 05, 2015

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