I never really know what the end result of a full Only Ones collection will be. Sometimes I have all these plans and ideas and they change and morph into something totally different and better than I first planned. I'm a fan of Only Ones just as much or more than anybody that buys our shirts. I think that's the way it has to be. If I'm not excited every single time I open a box and see our finished product then how could anyone else be?

The best part about releasing these shirts is seeing peoples reactions. Whether a shirt makes someone laugh, get angry, question a belief, or just say "Whoa, that is really cool.", it makes no difference to me. I just like to see how people take it.

I say it with every release but this collection is hands down our best to date. Head over to the shop section and take a look at our new stuff. I hope you enjoy it because I really enjoyed working on it.

Only Ones from Only Ones on Vimeo.