Hey, Rob here.  I'm just hanging out eating some Cheez-Its, drinking a beer and browsing the world wide interwebs.  We are so lucky to have the internets and all the insightful things it gives us.  Think about when our parents were our age.  They didn't have the internet and probably had to ask other people about shit but no, not anymore!  The days of wondering are we can just head over to YouTube and watch a little kid named Remy eat weird shit like placenta, testicles, an 1000 year old egg, brains, a fertilized duck embryo, blood sausage, head cheese and much more!





Alright, alright.  You can watch the rest of his videos on his YouTube channel, there's over 80 of them.  But how long you think till he runs out of weird foods to eat and moves on to trying hard drugs and telling us about it?  Or maybe he'll just eat his parents.  Whatever.