January 26, 2012

The alternative porn world is a fickle place.  New faces seem to pop up every day and for every new purple haired model another one disappears into oblivion.  It’s always particularly interesting to me when a new face pops up and seems to have staying power.  One such alt model is RUBY VIOLENCE (

She’s a fresh young adult film star, fetish model and artist from southern Cali.  She’s not your average alt porn girl though, she’s bright, engaging and genuinely seems to love what she does, which shines through in her work.  Another striking feature about this dazzling diva is how much she seems to love her fans, she regularly interacts with them on her blogs and twitter feed.  We happen to live on opposite sides of the country, but we do get the chance to chat pretty regularly so I thought she’d be a perfect first interview for ONLY ONES!

Bella Vendetta: So you’ve launched your official website ( not too long ago. When was the official launch and did you have a big party to celebrate?

Ruby Violence: Yes I launched my official website last January, so it would be a year now. I was so excited that I finally had a proper venue to show off all my work in the way I wanted it. I wish I had a big party for the launch but I made my own fun instead.

BV: You’ve been modeling for quite some time before your own site.  Can you tell us how and when you got into being naked on the internet and some of the other sites we can find you on?

RV: Well I went to art college where I drew naked people all the time so nudity wasn’t that big of a deal for me. Then I saw one the Vivid Alt films, Art School Sluts, and was immediately hooked. Not just because of the sex but how the girls looked and their style and didn’t look like “typical” porn stars. I then contacted a guy in the business who put me in touch with an agency in the valley. I was living in San Francisco at the time so I flew in to get my agency photos done. It just so happened that they needed an extra girl for a film down the street so I actually did my first adult film when I only planned on taking photos. I’m not with an agency now but it was a fun experience. From then on I started applying for alternative and fetish sites. I wanted to be part of that genre where you can make money and do erotica without having to look like a Barbie Doll.

Some sites you can find me on besides my official site include,,,,,,,,,, and more. Hopefully soon to be an official Burning Angel as well.

BV: In addition to websites you also appear in a number of hardcore adult DVDs.  Can you tell us about some of them and is shooting video for DVDs a lot different than shooting content for your site?

RV: I like making DVDs and my own content, I'm now working in a more erotica, fetish genre, instead of just pure hardcore. I like the variety. DVDs are great because you have your base and people get to know you well by your work. I like doing work on my own because I have more creative freedom and call the shots.

BV: Do you have a favorite performer you love working with?

RV:  One thing I like about not having an agency is that I can choose who I work with and even know that person before working with them. Some of my favorite models to work with include Jasmine Blue, Julia X, Lily Cade, AlySinclair, Deborahannxxx and of course Bella Vendetta.

BV:  Favorite photographer to work with?

RV:  Favorite photographers include, Mich Masoch, The Jimi King, and Jazz Wilson.  They are definitely a nice handful of models and photographers to work with, such as Bellavendetta, doing video content.

BV:  Any models or performers that you’re looking forward to one day working with?

RV:  Also would love to work with Joanna Angel, Bob Coulter, Chopper Dave, Miss Crash, Jane Jett, James Deen, The Original Tommy Gunn, Elizabeth Starr, and Jade Starr just to name a few.

BV: Is your sex life off camera anything like your online sex life?

RV:  My sex life is different off camera because it’s not work or a job. It’s someone who I am truly in love with. There is so much passion between us

BV:  In addition to your sexy pictures website you also have a site that is reviews of horror movies?  How do you choose which movies to review?

RV:  Well I have always loved horror films. I actually did my first mainstream horror film this past summer and it was so much fun. I wanted to create a blog where I could share my passion and love for the genre and have it open for people who love horror to share their thoughts also. When I choose a movie or book review, it’s usually something new that I had just watched or read so I can give a fresh review on the subject.  Sometimes when I’m reviewing something, I just go with my first thoughts about a film and write them out. I also like mixing up the different categories of horror, such as Japanese horror, Grindhouse films, European horror, etc. It just depends. I especially enjoy reviewing new up and coming writers and filmmakers as well.

BV:  You're kind of a Jill of all trades, you also have photography and multimedia art pieces for sale on your site.  How do you find time to work on your art and what are your inspirations?

RV:   I love being an artist and love to translate my passion in any medium. There isn’t one certain thing that inspires me but I usually create from personal experiences. I am an artist, a photographer, writer, erotic performer, and designer so I definitely love expressing myself in more ways than one.

BV:  On your site, you take fans requests for photo sets etc.  Are there any that are so weird you turn them down?

RV:  I am always open to fan requests but, in the end, I make the final decision. If I don’t want to do something that I don’t feel comfortable with I have no problem turning someone down.

BV:  Anything you wanna share with us about yourself that we can’t find on the web?

RV:  The last thing I want to add is to of course check out and become a member of  my website,  Also I would love to thank all my supporters, fans, and old and new friends for their support.

BV:  And lastly: when are you going to fly to the east coast to have sex with me?

RV:  Hehe anytime you are ready, I will pack my bags and come out to play and fuck you, sexy! Just let me know when!

Bella Vendetta, is an international fetish model, burlesque dancer, Pro Domme, award winning adult film star, and webmistress.  Aside from doing dirty things on film, she also conducts interviews with tattoo artists, black metal bands and porn stars.  You can learn more about her by visiting her site:

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