October 12, 2013

Sometimes I wish I was lost in space. I've fantasized about drifting through deep space while sitting at a floating bar, drinking a beer and watching my netflix instant queue. Every so often I'd look back at planet earth and think "Psh, fuckin chumps". Gravity is about these two poor bastards, played by George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, that get stranded out in space.  It's a total drag for them and they get all butt hurt out there probably cause there's no bar or netflix queues in their part of space.  The whole movie, from start to finish, is them trying to get back home.


There's really not much story here, we barely get any background on either of the characters.  The film is really just about the horrifying experience of being stranded in space but at the same time it looks all pretty and shit, especially in IMAX 3D.  If you're expecting anything more than two nitwits stuck in space then you're probably gonna be disappointed.

Also...Can i just say, why the fuck did they cast George Clooney? Nothing against the guy but there are some actors that just play one particular role and its hard to picture them in any other type of role. George Clooney is one of those actors.  If he's not trying to get up in some girls guts or plan a casino heist then its hard for me to really believe him in any other situation.  I don't think I'm the only one that feels this way.  I didn't see an astronaut floating around in space, I saw Danny Ocean.  I was waiting for Brad Pitt and the rest of the Oceans 11 to float on over and help out.  He actually did fit a little George Clooney flirt in there, so I guess there's that.


When the credits rolled on this I wasn't sure if I liked it really or not.  The only thing I knew was that I didn't love it.  The movie feels more like an attraction than anything else, it's fun to look at and IMAX 3D makes it into an experience. I think this movie may have been over-hyped and that can kill an otherwise great movie.  I don't see anything amazing here but its worth checking out for the visuals alone, I suppose.  Maybe you can take some pictures and make it your desktop background or something?  I guess if floating around in space and/or watching other peoples misery is your thing then this movie is for you!

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December 11, 2017

One of the best things I've seen in a long time.

Happiness from Steve Cutts on Vimeo.

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The Beginning: Making Episode 1
The Beginning: Making Episode 1

January 09, 2016

It's not a secret that Star Wars Episode 1 is not only a horrible Star Wars movie, it's just a horrible movie in general. Sitting through it is a task, it's so dense and filled with boring political plot points, bad acting and computer graphics. It feels more like an ILM portfolio showcasing CG techniques rather than a film.

I can remember as a kid watching it for the first time and leaving the theater confused. I thought maybe I wasn't watching as careful as I should have been? I dunno what it was but I felt like I missed something because, its Star Wars, isn't it supposed to be good? I thought, "Did I just black out for most of that movie? Was I daydreaming the whole time?" I begged my parents to take me again, so I could see what I surely missed but they wouldn't take me. I had to wait for it to come out on video when I finally realized that it wasn't just me, this shit really does just suck.

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Cromags' John Joseph

December 05, 2015

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