We added Bitcoin as a payment option in our shop this week.  For ya'll that don'tt know, bitcoin is a digital currency that started in 2009.  It was primarily used to purchase drugs online as it doesn't trace back to any individual person.  It's kinda like ghost money, like Invisible Man money or something.  You can just buy a bunch of seedy shit and nobody will know you bought it.  Bitcoin has gained popularity recently and it's steadily becoming accepted by more and more online retailers, even some brick and mortar stores have actually started accepting it as well.  Just the other day my friend said that a bar his cousin works at in Manhattan has started accepting bitcoins too.

When I first heard about bitcoin it was under a year ago and it was worth $70, recently bitcoin has reached over $1000.  Right now one bitcoin is worth about $880 and its constantly fluctuating.  Some people are buying up bitcoins as an investment hoping it will keep going up.  I was going to buy a bitcoin at $70 but im a dipshit and I did not and now I cry myself to sleep every night.  Regardless, we accept it for those who have it and we are happy to support the currency in our own teeny tiny way.