December 29, 2013

Sure, podcasts aren't a new thing but I really feel like they are more popular now than ever before. Or maybe it's just because I personally dived head first into them this year. Regardless, podcasts are great and refreshing. It feels like this new form of entertainment but its really just a return to an old form, the radio. People used to sit around their living rooms and listen to stories on the radio and now we're doing it again but on iTunes at work, in the car, on the subway or at the gym. We're listening to each other free from any visual distractions, its a direct line into someones brain...kinda like phone calls, you remember those?

These are some of my favorite podcasts that I was obsessed with this year.


The Joe Rogan Podcast
Hands down, The Joe Rogan Podcast is one of the best podcasts out there and everybody knows it. The insightful guests and conversations that Rogan curates are invaluable. I often feel inspired and enlightened after listening to his stuff. Rogan is not only funny but a well rounded person that really feels like your everyday guy. There's no bullshit here, its just some of the most interesting people around talking about anything and everything. Check it, you will be happy you did.

Favorite episodes:
Any episode with Shane Smith (Vice)
#412 and #246 with Maynard James Keenan (Tool)
#310 with Neil Degrasse Tyson


Tell Em' Steve Dave
Hosted on Kevin Smiths podcast network, smodcast, Tell Em' Steve Dave is one of the funniest things I've discovered in a long time. Its hard to explain why this podcast is so good, you just have to give it a listen. It's one of those shows that might take a few episodes to get to know the characters but, once you do, their interactions will have you rolling. I hate when people try to get me into a show by saying "You gotta watch a few episodes and stick with it and it gets good". My theory is usually if it aint good in one or two episodes why waste my time watching more. I'm suggesting you do the very thing i hate doing and give this a few listens, you won't regret it. It really gets better as you listen more. Start with some of my favorite episodes to get a feel for the show...

Favorite Episodes:
#12 and #13 Makin Hay Part 1 and 2
#78 WallyWorld Squares
#149 Tales from The Stash


Radiolab is unlike anything ive ever heard from a podcast before. Its a really well edited and produced podcast. Both podcasts i mentioned before are barely edited if at all while this one is a crafted show. Each episode covers a subject and theres usually multiple stories that have to do with that subject and multiple people are interviewed about it. Radiolab is basically a theatre for the mind, with the use of sound effects and editing, the podcast is really more like a documentary tv show with no video. It's almost like watching tv with your monitor broke but it works great! Your imagine the visuals and the experience is entertaining and above all very thought provoking. It's the smartest podcast I've heard yet.

Favorite episodes:
Are You Sure?


Get Up On This
Last but not least is Get Up On This. Also hosted on the Smodcast Network (Kevin Smith is a king of podcasts btw), this podcast gets you up on the latest. They tell you about cool shit before it breaks, new music, film, food, board games, general life suggestions like throwing your grapes in the freezer and discovering the wonder that is the frozen grape. Every time I listen to this podcast there's AT LEAST one thing im excited to check out further. They too have guests each week and it's just a great tool for discovering new things. Highly recommended if you're always looking for the new new.

Favorite episodes:
Just pick any newer episode and listen, the format is always the same and there's always stuff to get up on that you've probably never heard about.

Honorable mentions:
The Nerdist Podcast
Fat Man on Batman
Comedy Bang Bang!

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December 11, 2017

One of the best things I've seen in a long time.

Happiness from Steve Cutts on Vimeo.

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The Beginning: Making Episode 1
The Beginning: Making Episode 1

January 09, 2016

It's not a secret that Star Wars Episode 1 is not only a horrible Star Wars movie, it's just a horrible movie in general. Sitting through it is a task, it's so dense and filled with boring political plot points, bad acting and computer graphics. It feels more like an ILM portfolio showcasing CG techniques rather than a film.

I can remember as a kid watching it for the first time and leaving the theater confused. I thought maybe I wasn't watching as careful as I should have been? I dunno what it was but I felt like I missed something because, its Star Wars, isn't it supposed to be good? I thought, "Did I just black out for most of that movie? Was I daydreaming the whole time?" I begged my parents to take me again, so I could see what I surely missed but they wouldn't take me. I had to wait for it to come out on video when I finally realized that it wasn't just me, this shit really does just suck.

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Cromags' John Joseph

December 05, 2015

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