November 19, 2014

I recently came across this music video on Worldstar Hip Hop, judging by the video quality I'd say it's at least five years old.  Judging from the song, I'd say it's fresher than breast milk.  I tracked down the Young White Rapper, Adrian X, and we discussed everything from the employee discount at Cracker Barrel to time travel. 

Rob: Hey, Adrian! Tell us a little about yourself.

Adrian X: My name is Adrian Trechsel, I'm 17 currently and I'm from Birmingham, AL. I grew up a white kid in a predominantly black neighborhood. It was a rough area called East Lake. We lived in the nicer section however it was still rough. I was immediately immersed into the current African American culture. I wanted to be like everyone else in the neighborhood and, stereotypically enough, everyone wanted to be in the NBA or be a rapper. So I spent my days after school playing basketball with the neighborhood kids and eventually learned to be one of them, however, I was still really young and didn't understand a lot of stuff they said. The song Deeda Bwah was inspired by my favorite rap song at the time, Get Crunk by Lil Jon and sounds almost identical to it. I just remember the way the song went but never could make out the lyrics so I just took what I heard around the neighborhood an incorporated it into my rap

What's the story behind the Deeda Bwah track?

My dad made the beat and filmed it. There isn't much meaning to it besides getting money and not snitching on your crew. "We bad Wintomen said we are"...Wintomen was a made up character we came up with in the hood, we called him the God of rap.  Like if God was a rapper that'd be his name. So Wintomen was saying my crew was bad.

Was Wintomen made up by you and your friends or was this something the whole hood knew of?

Me and my friends, as far as I know, but who knows maybe the whole hood knew.

You heard it hear first, people.  The whole hood of East Lake, Alabama may have been praying to a God of rap named Wintomen.

Hahahaha. The news is finally leaking

Deeda Bwah feels strangely current, almost too current. From your rap style, to the minimalist beat, to the cats featured throughout; if you ignore the puka shell necklace around your neck and the apparent old video recording, I bet most people would think this is a song from 2014.  I just have to ask...Are you a time traveler?

Actually yeah I did some time traveling one day when my boy Rondrale gave me some crack, I came to 2014 saw Young Thug doing his shit so I flew back to 1986 then I realized that was the wrong year so I came back and wrote the lyrics down.

Funny you should bring up that confusing timeline, it kinda leads into another question I have...A strange shift in the time space continuum lies in the line "now back in 1986 there was a spiritual blitz, 15 years later I'm still doing my thing."  I'm assuming the obvious explanation is that your birth created a "spiritual blitz", and at fifteen years old, you're still doing your thing ala the "Deeda Bwah" video?  I was born in 1986 and I'm 28, how in mother fuckin hell are you 17 years old?

Well actually I'm rapping as the Deeda Bwah, it's a spiritual being that was manifested back in 1986 and was the profit of Wintomen. Hence the "spiritual blitz" 15 years later I'm still doing my thing and I am the savior of hip hop

So if Wintomen is God then you, Deeda Bwah, are Jesus...sorta?

Yeah that's it exactly.  I'm waiting til I get a little older to change hip hop I don't have the money to do anything serious yet

How old were you when you made this video?

10 years old

I'm confused, your math isn't adding up. The "spiritual bliss" is in 1986...then 15 years later, you're in a video doing your thing but your only ten years old? I'm lost.

Something like that, I was never taught math but I can count money

Well now that that's all explained, lets move on.


I have to break down some of the lines here...first off the following line "step away from what has got you waddadae up day up. shaladae up day naladae up day up waladae up day up. nee fee nee nah nee po nee nah needa leeda nee nah nee wo nee nah" What does that mean for people that aren't versed in the language of time travel?

It's basically explaining like, no matter how poor you are, you need to be dancing at the club and enjoy life.  You only get one life so enjoy it even if you wack or broke.

Ah, I like that! Kinda like "Hakuna Matata" but a little longer.  Seems like you've still got some positivity even after growing up in the East Lake ghetto.

Yeah I'd say I know a lot about philosophy and shit

Robert O'Neill, the SEAL Team Six guy that supposedly killed Osama Bin Laden was a red head, a "ginger" if you will, and he actually had a tradition of cooking gingerbread men for the whole SEAL Team every Christmas, this lead to his nickname "The Gingerbread Man". You say in the song "Now Osama just said to The Gingerbread Man..." Osama was killed by "The Gingerbread Man" in 2011, yet this song was made in 2008. Please explain...

Well the government actually caught on to my journey so I'm not really allowed to respond to this question but you can just say that I witnessed it all ahead of time

Can you tell us anything else you've seen in your travels, Deeda Bwah?....and what do you prefer to be called, Deeda Bwah or Adrian X?

I prefer to go by Deeda Bwah or Young White Rapper or Adrian X, they all have the same power.  Kinda like how Eminem goes by different names.  I like Adrian X because one of my favorite people is Malcolm X.  Hah I'll write about my travels in future songs, It'll be better than just reading text.

The greatest artists always keep them wanting more!


Same goes for Jesus Christ, he really kept them wanting more too.

Yee, Jesus would be proud.

It must be hard when you visit this time period as a white rapper, being that there is still a prejudice against pale faced people attempting to rap. How do you feel about this prejudice and don't you find it ironic that a culture predominantly of African American descent might be prejudiced against other people. Although, one could argue that white men have taken a lot from the African American people and hip hop culture is a reaction to it, so having white people replicate it may be upsetting to some.

Not sure how to answer this, but this time period is pretty messed up morally.  Racism in rap is ridiculous, racism in general is ridiculous. Growing up all I wanted was to be black so I could fit in but I realized it's not about the type of bag you keep your drugs in but the type of drugs you keep in your bag, ya feel.  Ignorance is going to slow the progress of civilization always. I need to speak with Obama on plans for this nation and world.

A Deeda Bwah x President Obama collab on world issues would be dope. You probably get asked this all the time, except from people in the future, when is your full length album gonna drop!?

Well I'm just waiting for some time and money to do so, I think I'm about to get hired at Cracker Barrel so there's that.

Cracker Barrel is so good, what kinda discount you looking at?

Probably 20%

Recently, the Deeda Bwah video was featured on Worldstar Hip Hop, hows the reaction been? Approx how many times does MTV call a day? any labels calling?

Ehh, I don't think they know how to reach me, I'm the one who submitted it to Worldstar and now it's at almost half a million views. I'm not that surprised it was pretty cool though.  Actually one label contacted me from New York called Sweatpants Money Records.

What did Sweatpants Money offer you?

They just emailed me and then when I responded they didn't say anything else, guess they got scared.  I actually got a new track out with my brother called Ice Cold KillaIt bumps, it's a diss track to Kanye West actually.

"Bed bugs in my bed cause I worship the devil, bed bugs in your bed cause you don't worship the devil" is my favorite line off that track...what's the meaning behind it?

I've got a bed bug problem/infestation and I've had em since the Deeda Bwah days and I used to worship the devil.

Moving on, what future collabs are you working on right now?

None at the moment, I hope to get on a track with Young Thug & Drake though and I wanna rap battle Kanye West but he don't want to

If Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross and rose again, how will you be crucified in the rap game and when will you rise again? I wanna set it on my Google calender.

Well in the year 3032 I'll be crucified after we've left mars due to climate conditions in the traditional Jesus way because even the people of the future are ignorant and can't handle true talent when they see it.

Welp, that about sums it up! Any last words you'd like to say?

Give me some money!  That's what I gotta say!  Link me the interview whenever you're done, you got my email just in case you wanna send me money or whatever.

Alright Deeda Bwah or Young White Rapper or Adrian X, good luck with the Cracker Barrel job!


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by Rob Blair @bobblair

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